I’m a still life photographer based near Victoria station, London.

I shoot collections/product photography, food photography and fine art photography creatively with precision details attention.

In my images, I bring out the character of each item with the use of technical knowledge and with imaginative concepts.


I’m an experienced product photographer, whether working with an advertising agency, food retailer, publisher or collections organisation my focus is to deliver creative and accurate images with a professional approach.

I have excellent lighting skills and with trials and tests, I can make any project images looks brilliant and brings luxury and richness to the photos.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss making a booking or have any other questions.

Adept at both studio and location product photography, I have supplied imagery for clients across London. Commissions have included shooting for Morrocan Style Ltd and that required both still life product photography and shooting lifestyle imagery on location, for which I carried out both the shooting and the high standard of retouching that such campaigns demand.

I like to make objects appear more interesting by considering the materials that make up an object or scene, I then craft the lighting to make use of the features that really help the subject look its best.

I’m up for working on commissions, helping agencies and collaborating on charity projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to discuss any still life photography projects.

Hotel Photographer


If you are reading this, you might be a cake designer or confections yourself, looking for a wedding cake photographer to make your creations look awesome.

I had a great time photographing the delicious, superb quality and imaginative wedding cakes and confections for the very talented cake artist Narjis Barak of Rose and Cake Ltd and also for the famous cafe in London Fait Maison.

It was exciting to have the opportunity to put our skills to good use and make these incredible cakes, pastries and confections the focal point of each photo.

Some of the cakes have been photographed in the studio using soft light, but this might not always be possible if the position of the cake in the event venue. In the venue, I tend to use natural light and sometimes Speedlite flash if needed to give fewer shadows and a better result.